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Santulan is a building that follows the path of the sun and the rhythm of the wind in its orientation. The design intends to generate a permanent culture of respect and connection between context, nature and society.


The project showcases the power of architecture to create a harmonious relation between nature and society. Santulan is morphologically a design that represents human being from an aerial view as an expression of harmony and balance. Every window has views of the surrounding nature, the stars and the native plants.

Having mirrors in the bottom of the facade helps us to duplicate the beauty of the existing landscape, showcase the nature and let the architecture disappear. The meditation dome is a geodesic dome based on triangles that are shaped like a hexagon, each triangle connected with different angles and assembled to create a self-supporting and solid structure resulting in a place that inspires us to be quiet.


Hand pressed earth brick using the earth from the property is the signature material used for the construction of this project. The bricks were cooked for 21 days in natural sunlight. Wood to achieve genuine warmth and apparent concrete to showcase structural strength, and mirrors at the base of each of the building to reflect and magnify the beauty of its native vegetation and its immediate context as well as achieving a floatation effect on the natural terrain.

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